Posted by: rcandle2 | February 24, 2010

TOW #4

1. In the NewsU course Cleaning Your Copy I learned a lot about several different grammar usages and different times to use different words. I thought it was really interesting to learn the difference between words like lay and lie, that and which, and who and whom. I was always confused about words like that because I haven’t had a grammar course in so long! I learned how to use apostrophes the correct way and when it is appropriate to use hyphens and quotations. And when it is correct to use those quotations and where to put the parenthesis and commas when you use those quotations makes it easier to understand what you are trying to say and how you are trying to say it.

2. I always thought that ecstasy was spelled extacy. So I was pretty surprised to learn I was wrong about. Also, I know this is silly but I also thought that arctic was spelled artic. Haha, I know I should have known that but I totally did not! Adopt, approve, enact, pass….these are words that I never would have put in the same category until it was brought to my attention in the course. I thought it was surprising that they all have the same idea but they all mean totally differnt things.

3. I would have liked to learn more about prepositions and things of that nature. I feel like most of the course was just about spelling and words and things like that. Numbers and digits and money and bla bla bla was all really good to learn about but at the same time I still want to be able to know how to write the actual sentences using those words and things like that. I also want to know more about the word “ain’t” haha. I liked the grammar girl bit about it and now I want to know more about when it would be appropriate to use it.


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