Posted by: rcandle2 | March 6, 2010

PR Connections #2

So yesterday I went to go see Alice in Wonderland and I thought I would comment one of the previews. The first thing I really noticed was how they advertised food and drinks from their concession stands. They had a commercial type thing thanking everyone for coming and all that then the very end just showed a picture of the audience and the bottom said “Movies are better with popcorn and a Coke.” I couldn’t help but think about my advertising class because we just learned all about puffery and conceiving ads. I think that it was puffery because technically it doesn’t tell the truth. Some people don’t like popcorn or they prefer Sprite instead. I guess it wouldn’t really matter becuase Sprite is a Coke product, but you get my point. I just think that it was not a true statement. So yeah, I just thought I’d write about that before I forgot it haha!



  1. I am completely on board with your frustration concerning the puffery with advertisements. The movie theater is a great place to see this and even just cable television. The media seem to be making the regular things great and making you feel not as great if you do not buy into them. I think it is starting to take a real effect on the younger teens and what they focus their efforts to. It seems that people are becoming more concerned with what they have instead of who they are. I hope as I get into my field more that I can make a positive difference.

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  3. I completely agree about puffery in the advertisements before a movie. The fact that theaters shamelessly promote their own products isn’t a new concept, but there are times I find the ads for popcorn and coke unnecessary and annoying. Of course I usually already have a giant popcorn bucket by that point, but come on. I think advertising popcorn at the movies is just redundant at this point, I mean we all see the giant popcorn machine and soft drink fountain when we walk into the theater, do we really need to have it reiterated multiple times before the movie that the items are sold at the concessions stand?

  4. I went and saw Alice in Wonderland a few weeks ago! I absolutely loved it, and on the way home there was a rabbit crossing the rode (ironic, huh?).
    I learned about puffery a while back in advertising as well, and whenever I see one of the more recent Dominos commercials, i reminds me of that because in the commercial, the Dominos person is saying that Papa Johns’ slogan “Better ingredients, better pizza” is actually puffery, and then he looks up the word in the dictionary.
    I love how quite often things you are learning about in class just randomly link with things you hear or see in every day life!

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