Posted by: rcandle2 | March 30, 2010

TOW #11

Infographics are basically pictures that are incorporated with some sort of chart or something of that nature. They help add a little bit of creativity in a non-creative situation. It can represent anything that somehow can be affiliated with the information at hand. When you are presenting a graph or pie chart, it would be a good idea to incorporate something of the same nature of what you are presenting to your client. You want to show your client that you are thinking outside of the box. An example of this might be using pictures of phones on a graph that is showing the cell service of different companies. They can be very helpful for your client because they can get the information across while at the same time keep their attention. If a potential client is trying to decide between two different agencies, it might be a good idea to use an infographic. You never know what their criteria for hiring is. Perhaps they want the more creative minds doing the creative task at hand. If they see that one particular agency is using their heads and showing their creativity level while the other is just presenting the same old boring facts, I think that they would probably go with the agency that is more creative than the boring one. It may also help to keep their mind on the task at hand and keep their brains from lingering. That is, if it’s clever enough. Sometimes the client might be close-minded and in that case you might want to keep it light. You create one using a word document and you can choose to insert graphs or bars. Sometimes it will let you upoad pictures and from there you can upload whatever makes sense in your graph. Or, you could have someone draw it up and take it to a print shop and go from there.


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