Posted by: rcandle2 | April 7, 2010

PR Connections #9

Today I was at Einstein’s Bagel Bros and I was going to reach for a Diet Coke. What caught my eye was the little pink symbol on the plastic bottle. I looked to see what it was and I realized it was something for women’s health. What exactly it was is irrelevant. Anywho, I started thinking about why they chose Diet Coke to publicize this movement towards women’s health. There was nothing on the regular Coke or Dr. Pepper bottles. So that got me thinking: most people who drink Diet Coke are probably females. If you think about it, you rarely ever hear your guy friends request a Coke at the restaurant or fast food place. It’s always just a regular old Coca Cola. It’s interesting the different target audience’s that are aimed at when it comes to your everyday products. If they were trying to raise awareness by putting the little pink heart on a Mr. Pibb, it probably wouldn’t be as effective as how they put it on a Diet Coke. This way, it will reach more females because, as a female, I think we usually are all for the diet products because we want to somehow in our minds make ourselves feel better about what our bodies are ingesting. Very clever Diet Coke, very clever indeed….



  1. I have never really thought about target audiences when it comes to picking a kind of soda bottle. It is very interesting that you observed this randomly at Einstein’s Bagel Bros because I go there all of the time and never once have noticed this but you must have a good eye. I have never met a guy that has asked for a diet anything! They always want the sugar because they do not care about the intake of calories or their figures. Women go for the diet and zero calories almost every time. It’s smart that the companies have become aware of this and now use each product and target it toward their specific audiences. I will have to keep an eye out for this next time I grab a soda!!

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