Posted by: rcandle2 | April 7, 2010

PR Connections #6

In my advertising class the other day we talked about subliminal messages to really get you thinking what the advertiser wants you to think. Then I thought about those Sprite commercials that were shown a while back that had the subliminal messages in them but the audience was meant to understand the subliminal message. Then that thought led to, of course, the Disney movies like Aladin when “Sex” is written in the sand or The Little Mermaid where the minister’s penis pops up when he is saying “dearly beloved…”. I wonder how in the WORLD the PR people handled those scandals. I mean I know Tiger Woods’ publicist is going through a hard time right now but I can’t even imagine how in the heck those poor people dealt with these obscenities because these movies were for children. Even though most kids probably didn’t pick up on them, I know it still had to be a tough thing to deal with. Once it got out that those things were embedded in the movie it kind of makes you wonder if someone was trying to sell sex at the young age in order to go ahead and prepare the kid to respond to sexuality at an early age as to help them sell sex in the future.


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