Posted by: rcandle2 | April 7, 2010

PR Connections #7

So the other day I was laying in bed and I have quite a few Beatles and Jim Morrison poster’s and things of that nature in my room. I mean obviously Jimmy is the most beautiful creature in the world, but why, I thought, did the maker of the poster continue to make the poster. Who gets the profit? My posters are usually of some old classic rock, hippy music band or person who is no longer alive. Where does the money go when I buy the poster? Why is there still advertsing for these people if they aren’t here anymore? It’s not like the WHOLE Beatles group is ever going to be able to get together and have a comeback tour. So who thinks of these ideas to sell these psychadelic posters with tour dates that were before I was even born. Are there still PR agents who are working to make sure that these people’s image is never tarnished or is this just something to keep the name alive?


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