Posted by: rcandle2 | April 8, 2010

TOW #13

Here are some ways in which I personally think PR people can maybe drive a journalist crazy:

1) PR people use excessive hype. They will use words that have no meaning or too much meaning when it comes to the message they are trying relay to the journalist.

2) They don’t do their homework. Sometimes, PR practitioners will not do the required research for their story. This makes them uncredible sources and it could really hurt them in the future. You should always make sure you do your research for a story that way the journalists doesn’t have to spend countless hours doing fact checks.

3) They are annoying. A lot of times the PR person will continuously call the journalist for follow-ups on the story. This could easily get on the journalists nerves if it occurs excessively.

4) They don’t know much about what they are selling. If the PR person is getting paid to sell something, sometimes they may not know a lot about what they are selling. This makes them look ignorant and as if they are only doing it for the money.

5) They don’t meet deadlines. Some PR people are sloppy and don’t understand the importance of a deadline, and sometimes neglect to meet it.

6) They write poorly. Because PR writing is so different from journalism, sometimes it can be a conflict when submitting their work. This would really aggitate the journalist who would then have to go back and edit the story.

7) They are biased. PR people are without a doubt very biased in their story writing. This of course is not a great way to get yourself out there. Journalists have to be able to write a story without sharing their own opinion because they are really just writing to get the story out there, not to try and take sides. PR people by nature are always trying to persuade or convince people that something either is or isn’t.

8) They send gimmicks. Gift giving, as a general rule of thumb, is not an acceptable course of action. It just shows that the PR people are trying to get their story in the papers, not that they actually care about what they are writing. It is considered bad form and journalists don’t usually respond in their favor.

9) They send unsolicited e-mail news releases. PR people send way too much unsolicited e-mail to journalists that raises ethical issues and is just overall annoying.

10) Their spokesperson is not available. PR people will be all over a story but then when it comes time to talk on the phone about it, the spokesperson is rarely available to make a statement. They are like moving targets.


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