Posted by: rcandle2 | April 12, 2010

Reading Notes #10 & 11

1) I think it’s a great idea to have tip sheets. Sometimes it’s hard to find certain people for certain specific things you need. But when you have a list of people right in front of you telling you what they do and how to reach them it’s much easier on the PR person instead of having to track down who or what they are looking for. It also updates you on changes in their assignments and what they might be looking for so that you can avoid interacting with the wrong person.

2) I thought that fax’s were pretty much out of the picture these days, seeing as we have so much other technilogival advances that SEEM to be more effective. However, I learned that fax’s are still very much used today because of their quick transportation. You can see the exact copy of what the sender is trying to show you, whether it be pictures or just words. There is no confusion.

3) I really had no idea how much people “hate” on PR people. They call them fake and say that they are just “spin doctors”. I think that without PR people there would be no way to get your name or product or brand out there. Why would someone call a PR person a “flak”? They are the ones who do all the behind the scenes work to make a campaign successful….hmmmm.

Wilcox, Dennis. (2008). Public relations writing and media techniques. Allyn & Bacon.


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