Posted by: rcandle2 | April 12, 2010

Reading Notes #12

1) I find the statistics given in Chapter 12 pretty interesting. It takes someone 50% longer to read something on the internet than something that is just printed out on paper. Therefore, 79% of online readers just scan the text instead of actually reading every bit of what is written. I guess I can see how this statistic makes sense when I think of how I read stuff online.

2) You should write how you would talk when you are writing for the web. Each page should only have one objective. Make your writing visually easy to read. I think the tips on how to write for the web are interesting because, again, they are so different from the way I would write and turn in an English paper. All these different types of writing are confusing but they really do make sense if you put yourself in the situation.

3) For the most part, many organizations who have websites prefer the PR people to control the website, istead of anyone else who might think they can do a better job. Because PR people are in charge of what messages they want the public to see, they should be the ones in charge of the website. They feel they can do a better job of communication because that is, after all, what they do. They are in charge of communication to the public.

Wilcox, Dennis. (2008). Public relations writing and media techniques. Allyn & Bacon.


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