Posted by: rcandle2 | April 12, 2010

Reading Notes #14

1) You shouldn’t write information that is intended for the whole universe. You should only tailor your messages to thsoe in your target audience. You can do this by reducing clutter. Keep it simple and short and you should get right to the point.

2) Haha, I have to admit I think it was a little funny that there was a whole little section dedicated to just memo’s. I guess I never thought that memo’s were that important, until I really thought about it. They can convey any real message that is intended for the receiver. Many firms actually make it a requirement when there are meetings and things like that so that there is a physical paper trail of what was going on in the meeting.

3) The process for writing a proposal for an organization is pretty basic, but important nonetheless. Start with your need, or what you suggest that the reader needs. Then you suggest how the need might be fulfilled. Then you show how the event or wahtever it might be could help whoever is the receiver of the proposal. And finally you immediately ask for a decision-a call to action.

Wilcox, Dennis. (2008). Public relations writing and media techniques. Allyn & Bacon.


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