Posted by: rcandle2 | April 12, 2010

Reading Notes #9

1) I find it very interesting the way you are supposed to write all the things dicussed in Chapter 9. It’s all uppercase and double spaced, much different from the way I am used to writing things. I mean the double space thing is normal for me, but uppercase and bold faced words is all pretty new to me. This type of writing is a little uncomforatable for me.

2) For most PSA’s, the scripts are distributed so that it can be localized. They do this because people are more likely to respond to PSA’s that have a local telephone number instead of some 800 number that they can’t really reach. It’s always better to localize things of that nature. More people can relate.

3) Video news releases are not about publicitery, per say. They are more about news and getting the information out there to people who want to hear about the news. They aren’t for advertising or anything flashy. They are simply there to give the people what they want.

Wilcox, Dennis. (2008). Public relations writing and media techniques. Allyn & Bacon.


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