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-Ain’t It About Time 


-I had no idea that you were actually allowed to use ain’t. That’s pretty cool. However, I have to agree with you I hate hearing that “word”, if you would even call it that.


-What’s your comment? 


-I have to agree with you. I have no experience as a blogger and I am still not sure if I am doing all of this stuff right. I get confused with all the applications and whatnot that you have to choose from and all the confusing words and terminology. Oh well, I guess in our profession we might as well get used to it!


-TOW Week #5


-I have to agree with you on this one. I never thought I needed a twitter account as long as I had a facebook…but obviously the PR world will require us bright young talent to have a twitter account as well.


-A Week of Tweeting!


-It is kind of annoying that twitter only lets you post 140 characters. Sometimes my thoughts are way more than just 140 characters. That’s not even that many words!


– Tweet Tweet! Matthew Caudill

– 3/2/10

-hmmmm, i must agree with this. i’m so used to seeing the news and whatnot on the tv and not so much on twitter. it’s hard getting used to using all this technology that i’ve never used before. but it has helped me to find PR people which could be great for me in the future. as for google buzz…never even heard of it what is it?!?!


– One Tree Hill on Trending Topics

– 3/2/10

– haha, i love one tree hill! i never watch it consecutively but when i do i always fall in love and want to go and buy the seasons. i didn’t know what a trending topic was on my twitter either, thanks for informing me!


– Topic of the Week, Week 12; Matthew Caudill

– 4/7/10

– Haha, I just found out about the Ipad the other day in my advertising class. To be honest I am kind of scared of it. I feel like technology will one day completely wipe out our reliance on actual technology fieldworkers. It is crazy how much there name is out ther and I have yet to see a commercial…and I watch way too much TV!


– Topic of the Week, Week 11, Matthew Caudill

– 4/7/10

– I completely agree with the whole different people learn differenlty and in different ways. That is so true. What might be easy for someone to learn by just hearing, another person might have to visually see it in order to understand. Infographics are a great way to accomplish this. They are definitely a way to grab someone’s attention.


– PR Open Mic, Megan C.

– 4/7/10

– I like the fact that you can communicate with other PR people too on the chat forum. It helps us to really know what is going on with companies that we either want to be a part of or taht are affiliated with other companies we someday hope to be a part of. The groups section is a great way to minimize confusion and really just search for a specific group that you are interested in.


– My Spring Break 2010, Mike from VA

– 4/7/10

– Those pictures look like they could be fake! Haha, and by the way, cities are wayyyyyyy over-rated. Living on the beach is the best way to live.. You don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle life-style. I guess that’s just my personal favorite way of living because I enjoy always being on island time….hehe


– How to be successful in your job interview, Mike from VA


– When I was younger my parents always got on to me because I’m more of a PJ’s all day, no makeup, hippy kinda gal. They told me that first impressions make all the difference. As I’m getting older, even though I don’t agree with having to dress up and look nice on a regular basis, I’m starting to see where they come from. First impressions, no matter how off they may be, are lasting impressions. You only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count.


– Why I am not a feminist, Mary Bolin

– 4/7/10

– I came across this blog accidently. However, I agree with the mean streak issue. Some females just seem to take it to the next level. Feminism isn’t what it used to be. I am too young to remember, but from what history tells us, it was about open-mindedness, not just “what we say goes and is right no matter what”, which seems to be the tone taken by so many feminists I know today. I can’t even carry on a conversation with them! I am proud to be a female but will be the first to tell you, I love my manly man!!!


– Topic of the Week, Week 8, Matthew Caudill

– 4/7/10

– Haha I have to agree and disagree. Some things helped a little I do suppose. However, it was a little funny to me that, like you said, there was little REAL helpful links to click on. I spent about 5 minutes just trying to find out if I had missed out on something that I was supposed to do. It was a little confusing at times but I did get a couple of things out of it.


– TOW 11: Infographics, Michelle V.

– 4/7/10

– I agree, visual representation really helps the client’s story to be published. It’s more creative and shows that you really put forth that extra little effort to make it appealing and interesting. Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!


– In Which I Hope teh Chooch Becomes a Princess, a Bad-Ass Princess, Carla

– 4/7/10

– I have no children so maybe it’s not right for me to comment on butttttt…I do know that when I was little I was not the girly girly type either. I remember Umbros! I loved Umbros! My little sister is not girly girly either. However, she does love to dance which makes her happy, which in turn makes me happy. I hope she never loses her own style and individuality because that is what makes her so unique, which is what I’m guessing you’re talking about. I hope she doesn’t get caught up in all the fru-fru with dressing up and losing her Lucy-ness!


– Six Ways Gmail Revolutionized Email, Kristina Bundy

– 4/7/10

– I never knew that Gmail was the first to do this either but dang, good for them. Haha I totally understand why though because like you said, even my texts are threaded! It also says a lot about Google. It’s just one more thing that sets them apart from other search engines! Gota’ love Google


– Personal!, Jessica Teal

– 4/7/10

– Haha Jessica, I’m 22 and I definitely feel 22! All of the sudden my body seems to be slowing down! I can’t do what I used to at 21, and maybe it’s just mental. I hope so. I don’t like admitting I’m 22 either, I’d rather stick with 21 forever


– Podcasts + PR = Perfect Combination, Kristina Bundy

– I agree. Our generation is used to things like podccasts and things of that nature. I feel like it’s an important part of being in the Public Relations field. It helps us to find jobs or connect with other PR people who are interested in the same things as we are. Pretty cool concept I think.


–  Want to Drive a Journalist Crazy?, echertha

– 4/19/10

– The embargo date thing would drive me crazy too. And you should definitely make sure it follows the format that the journalist wants because time is a horrible thing to waste!


– Mmmm…Delicious!, Megan C.

– 4/19/10

– That’s really cool that you can add all your favorite websites to your account that way you can access them easliy. I am almost convinced to create my own account just to be able to search the search engine. It seems like a great way to be able to communicate for group projects and things of that nature.


– Guest Blogger, Kdwhigham

– 4/19/10

– That would SUCK to live in New York and lose those shows! I would hate to miss that awards show, too. It’s sad that these people have to have such an impact on regular society just because they are having a personal fued. It just doesn’t seem fair. And their images are definitely being tarnished.


– Writing an effective news release, mikefromva

– 4/19/10

– I agree. If your release does not get the readers’ attention at the very beginning, then it is pretty much pointless. If you don’t grab my attention quickly, I am going to read something else because I, like most, have a short attention span. And if I stop reading after a paragraph, well at least you know that I’ve caught the most important information.


– What happened to Mr. Blobby?, lcura

– 4/19/10

– AHHHH Mr. Blobby! Haha I haven’t thought about that in forever. Of course everyone wonders where he went. I just went to that website so that I could reconnect with him. I always thought it was just a regular person’t index finger and that’s why it looked like that. Haha!


– Extra, Extra!, afurmage

– 4/19/10

– It drives me crazy when teachers post assignments that say no typos and then they have typos in their post of the assignment. Don’t they know that typos are dealbreakers? They seem to but then get mad at us for having them. Also, overuse of stupid words gets on my nerves as well.


– Infographics, Lisa McLaughlin

– I like your infographics that you have posted on this blog. They are a great way to catch your potential client’s eye and set yourself apart from the rest of the people.


– T.O.W. Week 14, Megan Long

– 4/19/10

– I felt the same way! It seems like it was just a bunch of common sense. And I know how you feel about these courses. We already have hours and hours of homework in this class so why in the world are we having to take 5 ADDITIONAL courses. It’s super frustrating. And I’m sooooo glad too that it was our last course.


– Social Media in the Media, tara1md


– I think the quick factor is definitely an important perk of the social media news release. It makes it so much easier to access information in a fast manner instead of having to wait on other sources. I think it’s so important for us to know how to work this technology because it changes so much. I think the older generation needs to get used to this.


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