Posted by: rcandle2 | April 19, 2010

PR Connections #10

I was watching The Office the other day and there was the episode where there is an obscene water mark on one the batches of paper that they were selling. I just thought that it was kind of cool to watch a tv episode where what I do actually comes into play. They have to do damage control to take care of the problem. There are a lot of angry customers and one of them comes to complain. It’s funny though because Michael sets up for a press conference but no one shows up because it’s a paper company and it’s really not a big deal. I just thought it was cool to see how these people perceive what PR professionals do for a living. They always have to clean up the mess!



  1. Ha! I watched that episode in Intro To PR! It was a really good (and funny) example of crisis PR. I thought the scene where Michael holds the press conference was really funny too- he has a sense of importance that is clearly over rated compared to the actual situation. I always think it is cool to see public relations situations on television, and a show like The Office makes it enjoyable.

    • If you saw that episode in Mrs. Groover’s class, you can thank me for that 😉 I’m the one who told her about it and said we should watch it in our Into class last semester haha!

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  3. That episode is too funny and weird enough I actually watched it the other day. From a PR side of things, it was the right idea to call for a press conference so that the company could admit to their mistake and make a public apology, but of course being the Office they turned it around to be funny because no one did show up to the press conference because it was not important to the a lot of the public. As PR professionals we need to think quick on our toes about how to clean up messes just like this incident while still holding our reputation and making sure that we do not lose any customers. It is our duty to make sure that everyone is content with the product or experience of a service. I hope that the show will make more episodes to relate to public relations so I can get some creative ideas for my future career in PR.

    -Sarah Gricius

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  5. I saw this episode of the office too! It was hilarious, as all episodes of the office are. It’s ironic because as I was watching this episode myself I was thinking that this is a legit problem- having PR come in and take care of a sticky situation. I am really glad to see that I was not the only one who made this connection!

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