Posted by: rcandle2 | April 22, 2010

TOW #15

A social media news release is basically a news release that is featured through online technology. It’s something that you can use as another way of trying to advertise for something. These days, lots of people are exposed to more social media than ever before so you really have to know who exactlly you’re trying to advertise to and how your going to advertise. It’s also important to keep up with the ever-changing technology. Especially in this field. You have to be able to use different search engines and really know about the different types of social media. You can share your every though via internet and people can know exactly what you’re doing and when. Therefore, it’s a great place to raise awareness for your company or whatever it is that you are trying to sell or promote. If people are trying to learn more about Chelsea Latley from E, then they can follow her on Twitter and know what’s going on in her life. Twitter is a great place to reach out to your audience because then they would be able to know when or where the next show is without really having to seach forever on the interenet. I think that a person should use this technique when trying to reach a much younger audience. In order to reach people our age, you really have to think about what their interests are. For example, you would want to maybe put something on facebook about it, maybe like a link to the release or some thing like that. Our generation is used to advanced technology that unfortunately the older generation is not quite used to. There actually happen to be a lot of websites out there that can trully help you build your own SMNR. They basicall build it all right there with your help and direction!

website mentioning SMNR

blogs mentioning SMNR


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